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Pineapple For A Poop Eating Dog

One of the most frequent recommendations I’ve seen for stopping coprophagia is pineapple. I have personally had no luck with pineapple, and after doing a bit of web research I’ve found lots of recommendations for it but very few documented success stories.

Coprophagia is often said to be initiated by an enzyme deficiency. I’m sure that pineapple got to be a popular recommendation simply because it contains a proteolytic enzyme (bromelain). Bromelain breaks down proteins, and is often used in meat tenderizer (another frequently recommended coprophagia remedy) and is thought to act as a digestive aid.
So logically, pineapple seems like it might do the trick for some dogs–I just can’t seem to find any. On the other hand, I have heard of many people that have solved a coprophagia problem with meat tenderizer. I suspect this may be because the bromelain in meat tenderizer is highly concentrated and therefore more effective. If you have used pineapple successfully, I would love to hear from you.

A special note if you decide to try pineapple for yourself: use fresh pineapple only. While canned pineapple is much more convenient, the canning process destroys bromelain.

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