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Dogs That Raid The Litter Box

Many people ask me what to do about dogs that like to raid the litter box of a cat that shares the same household.   One of the most common questions is whether one can feed cats coprophagia deterrents meant for dogs.  The short answer is no.

Most commercial deterrents are not formulated for cats.  You could try to feed your cat natural deterrents, but you will quickly find out that cats are a lot pickier about what they eat than most dogs. Combine that with the fact that deterrents on their own only work in a small percentage of cases, and you’ve got a difficult challenge (getting a cat to eat something it probably doesn’t like) that has a relatively low probability of success.

If you have an indoor cat, there is a litter box called the booda dome that lots of people swear by. It’s covered and has a side entrance so it’s nearly impossible for dogs to get into.

If you have an outdoor cat and your dog is digging up poop then it will take a bit more effort. Deterrents are only one factor in getting a dog to stop eating poop. Focus on the other tactics at your disposal (feeding habits, vitamins, enzymes, and training).  The methods I’ve outlined in “The Dog Poop Diet” will work just fine with a cat poop problem.

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