Your Dog Will Stop Eating Poop Forever!

If you’ve tried to get your dog to stop eating poop, you have probably figured out what most other people discover: the “coprophagia cure” chemical food additives you can buy at the pet store don’t work very well. Some of these products may work at first, but their long term effectiveness rates are dismal.

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  • Why I suggest using food additives as a last resort, not a primary treatment.
  • How natural foods found in your kitchen can be used in place of store bought chemical additives at a fraction of the price.
  • How your dog’s food (even the expensive brands) may be making the coprophagia problem worse.
  • The three ingredients in most commercial dog foods that you should stay away from at all costs.
  • What you need to know about a dangerous health condition that may be causing your dog’s coprophagia problem.
  • Simple training exercises that can completely stop coprophagia in a matter of days.

Coprophagia (Poop Eating) Is Not Only About Diet

Coprophagia is a behavioral issue that is influenced by diet. The Dog Poop Diet is a complete system that addresses both behavior and diet. It attacks all possible dietary aspects of coprophagia (protein/carbohydrate ratios, vitamin deficiencies, digestive enzymes, deterrence factors) while giving you extremely simple training methods that you can implement in just a few minutes per week. Instead of harsh chemicals, the system uses completely natural, inexpensive items you can buy at your local grocery store.

30 Years of Experience In One Concise Guide

The Dog Poop Diet started out as a handout that I sent clients home with. Over the years I have continued to refine the methods to the point where I now have a system that is 100% effective. I have shortened the guide and included only the most important “need to know” pieces of information in it. It is easy to read and follow the step by step instructions. These techniques are simple and they only take a few minutes each week.

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